This NYTimes Franzen piece is giving me serious rage. To oversimplify horribly, Franzen claims that technology (and the consumption of technology) is like a one-way relationship, with the technology making no demands on the user, and always confirming their sense of self/power over the world. While I have some issues right there, the ideas are […]

rage rage rage

Uh oh. I’ve got a new show brand to lust after:

another kind of shoes

This article made me look through my own gchat logs. My first two conversations were about technical troubleshooting and relationship-related haplessness. I really have not changed at all in the last five years! Even my fake-happy diction is similar to my current style. I’m finding this terribly depressing. But, also, I want to N-gram my […]


My roommate started up a Sex and the City to go with her dinner (as is her habit). But, instead of recognizing the theme song I somehow thought she was playing Mario. This is moderately ridiculous, as I don’t know her to play video games of any kind. The Sex and the City theme does […]

super mario / sex and the city

In video form! It better not be crap.

dirk. gently.

I must remember that, if the opportunity presents itself, I really should escape from any house containing a furry animal, no matter how fun the party. I will be paying later.

cats & dogs

Also, what is a page anymore? Is the answer 490? Because not everyone agrees.

how many words to a page?

I’ve always been a bit perversely proud of sharing a my birthday with L. Ron Hubbard. Inventing a religion is quite impressive, and something I occasionally do in my dreams. But! It gets better. He also died shortly before I was born. If my vague knowledge of Scientology is correct, there is some sort of […]


I try to keep track of the internet, I really do. But sometimes things slip through the cracks. It’s tragic when they’re so, so pretty: The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. And look! It’s the Barcelona Pavilion!

how did I miss this?

I get hypnotized watching file copies, installs, etc. complete. I think, perhaps, it’s similar to highway hypnosis. Or maybe some kind of meditation. Perhaps I should write a self-help book based on standard GUI elements.

progress bars

or, more specifically time zones. I left the us before the clock changeover, and am returning after it. My meetings this trip have been at 8 am, far earlier than I do anything in my own timezone. I stayed up last night to the horrifically late hour of 10 pm to field some afternoon work […]


There are very few things that are more comforting to me than apple store wi-fi when I’m travelling. With AT&T’s lovely international data rates I always turn roaming off, but I can rely on apple stores to provide me with a bit of internet. Even, apparently, when they are closed. I worry a bit that […]

Apple store wi-fi