Haystack 2014

I went to Haystack again this summer with Nadya. It was as beautiful as last time—I’m really getting to like visiting nature (at least on a yearly basis)!

This year I discovered hydrostone and drystone. I’ve never cast anything so easy to work with! I combined my demo project from the Somerville Skillshare with casting to make some interestingly shaped pendants. I also applied the same project to wood veneer and laser cutting to surprisingly pleasant results. Of course, I can’t resist the shopbot and (with Nadya’s help) began my big furniture project. Nadya, for once, cut a little something for herself too. She made a set of cooking spatulas from different woods.

I met some really interesting artists and had the privilege of helping some of them with their work. Regine Neumann makes these spectacular, totally hand created cardboard sculptures. They reminded me of how I made topography models on the laser cutter back in architecture school. We did a quick sketch project together, using a scan of a small clay piece she made to make a replica in cardboard in about three hours. Jim Cotter, the session’s jewelry artist, helped and inspired me to try casting. Also inspired by his studio, I made a tiny pine bonsai from a seedling and a liberated coffee mug.

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