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#792; The Contrary Method

The Violet Hours featured a really lovely vintage book planter that would be really fun to create for your home. More: Growing Sprouts in Comic Books from blog

Book Planters

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#791; The Subjective Event

Previously: The Bad Hat. Esther C. Werdiger has a weekly podcast and a rich internet life, but also a job in Jerusalem. — See more posts by Esther C. Werdiger 23 comments from The Hairpin

The League of Ordinary Ladies: Keep Them Googling

The hits keep coming! Here’s the new one from Andrew Bird. It’s a happy-maker. — See more posts by Alex Balk 2 comments from The Awl

Andrew Bird, “Eyeoneye”

Microsoft has jumped onto the free-to-play bandwagon with its latest game, a text-driven adventure called Visual Studio 2010. The innovative new game marries the traditional interactive fiction text adventure with its arcane commands and exploration with the free-form, open-ended gaming pioneered by the likes of SimCity. There are two major modes to the game, a […]

Microsoft keeps it old-school with a pricey text adventure game, Visual Studio 2010

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#789; In which the World is a Masterpiece

I have been obsessing over Medieval history in the past while. It only seemed natural to come back to the world of our old friends. I like the idea of recurring characters in this strip, and that’s why you’re seeing more of it! Though we might take them from 15th century to 14th century. The […]

Peasants return

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#788; In which occurs an Early Dinner

Vintage Russian ephemera is one of my favorite things, so I was instantly mesmerized by pictures of this curious little scrapbook that was discovered in a junk store in Tajikistan by visual artist Paul Prudence. Within it were pages with collaged panels containing imagery ranging from depictions of cosmonauts, political figures, musical iconography and political […]

Soviet-Era Graphics Scrapbook

An in-depth guide to innovative 3D forms and self-locking boxes With the rising number of entrepreneurs among the creative community handling their own production, the value in high-quality DIY tips becomes increasingly essential. Whether you’re a Danish jewelry designer peddling pieces on Etsy, an artisan handcrafting leather belts in the Pacific Northwest or an urban […]

Structural Packaging

I don’t usually post recipes, but this recipe for Chicken and Waffle Wings is clearly a conceptual work of art. It’s no secret that chicken and waffles taste amazing together, but why should you have to deal with two foods sitting separately side by side when you can just combine them into one delicious handheld […]

How-To: Chicken and Waffle Wings