Triangulated Lamps


from side


from bottom


closer, from side


corner detail one


corner detail two


corner detail three

from sidefrom bottomcloser, from sidecorner detail onecorner detail twocorner detail three

I finally got around to documenting my lamp project from the summer! I wanted a new light fixture for my living and decided to make one based on that old standby, triangulation. However, since this was a project to big to 3D print or fold I needed to account for material thickness and connection in a more complex way. In the end I wrote a rhinoscript that will automatically generate the proper cut files for an arbitrarily shaped triangulated mesh.

You can find all the code and example files on github.

Or, if you’d like more detailed instructions, check out the instructable.

Triangulated lamp, rotation demo from Jenna Fizel on Vimeo.

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